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Sensation (1995) is an erotic thriller starring Kari Wuhrer as a college student (she was 28 at the time) with special psychic abilities. She takes a job for a professor who believes that all objects contain vibrations of everything that has happened around them. He hopes to prove this, and finally earn tenure. Kari's task is to hold objects, and tape impressions about the owner of the objects. She soon senses a girl her age, whom, it turns out, was dating the professor, and who was murdered. The professor is the best suspect for the murder, but the police didn't have enough evidence.

Kari becomes somewhat obsessed with the job, and even moves into the dead girl's apartment. She is convinced that the professor didn't do it, as was I. It is simple logic. He genuinely believes in the psychic phenomenon - so much so that he has staked his tenure on it. In that case, why would he hire a psychic student to solve a murder he committed?

The script introduces several red herrings, but they were too obvious to be the murderer, leaving only one cast member as the probable suspect.

Even though the plot is predictable, this is still a watchable genre film. I liked some of the photography very much, and consider a naked Kari Wuhrer a positive in any film. Genre fans and Kari fans will want to see it.


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  • Claire Stansfield- breasts
  • Alise Diane - breasts
  • Kari Wuhrer - breast, buns, and a hint of pubes.