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Seems Like Old Times (1980) is finally being released on DVD this week. Since it stars Goldie Hawn, I had to review it.
This Neil Simon offering would not be much were it not for the comedy genius of Hawn, and co-star Chevy Chase. Chase is Hawn's ex husband, and a writer. He is abducted from a cabin he was using and made to assist in the robbery of a Carmel bank. Of course, he is the only one caught on camera.


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He shows up at Goldie's house for help. She is now married to a DA who hopes to be the next state attorney general, played by Charles Grodin.  Grodin was nominated for a Razzie for his flat performance, but, in all fairness, he was supposed to be straight man, and it would be hard to be more comedic than Hawn and Chase.
Some of the supporting cast was also outstanding, including T.K. Carter, Yvonne Wilder and Harold Gould. Some of the funniest moments were in the courtroom, where Hawn, as a defense attorney, defended one creep after another, always before the same judge.

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Based on this description, this film is a C+. It is worth a rental just to watch Hawn and Chase do what they do best.

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