Seduction: The Cruel Woman (1985) from Tuna

Verführung: Die grausame Frau, from German lesbian director Monika Treut, takes on the subject of S&M.

I was not able to discover a real plot, but rather a series of characters and events that went nowhere. In the end, a jilted slave shoots the main character through the hand, and everyone, including her, thinks it is funny.

Trust me, that doesn't give away any plot secrets.

Mechthild Grossmann is opening a salon for S & M aficionados. Her roommate, Carola Regnier, runs a fake shoe store in the salon. Sheila McLaughlin is a submissive that Grossmann has brought from America to turn into a dom. Peter Weibel is a journalist who interviews Grossmann for an article on her salon, then decides he wants to become her human toilet. Udo Kier plays the jilted slave who does the shooting at the end.


Mechtild Grossmann, Sheila McLaughlin, Carola Regnier and an unknown show breasts.

I could find nothing to like about this film. 

  • It is impossible to distinguish real events from fantasies or from salon shows put on for the public.
  • The film is riddled with strange camera work (the camera is nearly always tilted).
  • It is theoretically in color, but with a green tint, and very grainy.
  • It is dominated by pretentious dialogue and speeches which are translated in horrible hit-and-miss subtitles.

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Based on this description, this is a C-. I suppose this film has an audience, but I am certainly not among that group.

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