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Scream Queen Hot Tub Party (1991) was conceived, written, directed and produced by Fred Olin Ray and Jim Wynorski. It was shot on Hi 8mm in one day at Jim Wynorski's home. The women were given a piece of the profit, and Wynorski and Ray did their own distribution. Since  it never found its way into the rental market, legitimate copies of this have been rather rare.

The plot is a throw-away. Five scream queens are invited to a mansion for a seminar on scream queens. The host isn't around, so they change into negligees, then use an Ouija board to figure out what to do. The answer? Get into the hot tub. Each of the women in turn describe some aspect of scream queen technique, such as the shower scene, chain saw play, firearms, the importance of exercise, etc. The entire thing was padded with clips from other films owned by Ray or Wynorski in which one or more of the girls appeared. These include footage from "Slumber Party Massacre," "Sorority House Massacre II," "Tower of Terror," "Emmanuelle V," "Evil Toons," "Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers."

So, absent plot and acting, why would anyone watch this masterpiece? Five reasons. Brinke Stevens, Monique Gabrielle, Kelli Moroney (Zow Kelly Simon), Michelle Bauer and Roxanne Kernohan, all showing breasts. The women were all in great shape, and had the good sense not to take this seriously.


see the main commentary

"Why did we have to change into nighties to reach the spirit world? DO spirits prefer nighties?"

"No, I think the producer just wanted an excuse to get us to undress."

"I was just thinking ..."

"A scream queen never thinks."

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  • The DVD includes a still gallery, a commentary with Ray and Wynorski, and the movie One Million Heels B.C. .

I can't possibly give this less than a C. It is easily the best of all scream queen hot tub party films. The idea was so unique that all five girls had to agree not to make another film like it for any other director for at least a year. When others saw how much money it was making, all five girls were approached to make a clone for someone else. The video quality is not great, as the source material was 8 mm, but it is watchable, and the commentary is sometimes interesting.

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Based on this description, Tuna says this is a C, arguing that if you watch films to see topless semi-famous women, here is an acceptable choice. Scoop says C-, adding "IF the quality of the film were acceptable and IF the women showed more flesh than just their jubblies, I'd say it was a decent nudie film, but as it stands, it's just a curiosity."

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