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Satan's Sadists (1969) is the ultimate bad biker exploitation film from director Al Adamson. 
Before the opening credits, the bikers grab a couple, rape the woman, then kill both. Cut to college student Jackie Taylor giving her three girlfriends something for their camping trip, then heading off to work at a greasy spoon in the middle of the desert. Cut to a couple driving along, and stopping to pick up a young man hitch hiking. The man is a cop on vacation, and the hitch hiker is an ex marine MP. Of course, they stop at the greasy spoon, and who should show up but the bikers. By the time the greasy spoon portion of the script has run its course, the cops wife is raped, both are killed, two of the bikers are killed by the ex jarhead, and the jarhead and Taylor are off on foot into the desert to escape. The bikers follow and run into the three camping girlfriends. 


Very little nudity. The unknown rape victim shows breasts, as does the cops wife, Evelyn Frank, and one of the three girls, Randee Lynne. The biker Momma, Regina Carroll shows cleavage throughout the film, and Taylor shows her panty crotch (hard not to do climbing rocks in a micro-mini), and has an ok pokie. 

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The film is ultra-violent, includes someone putting enough LSD to make the entire state of California high in a pot of coffee, This film has a large cult following. This is classic biker exploitation, and is "so bad it is good."  

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Based on this description, this film is a C+. Classic bad-ass biker movie, so bad it is entertaining.

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