Saints and Sinners


by Tuna

Saints and Sinners is a crime drama staring Damian Chapa, Scott Plank and Jennifer Rubin. Chapa has returned to his old New York neighborhood and has teamed up with his old high school buddy (Plank) to run the local rackets. What Plank doesn't know is that Chapa was a crooked cop who was given one last chance to avoid jail by going undercover to clean up his old neighborhood. He meets Jennifer Rubin in a health food restaurant and beds her, but it isn't long before all three of them are sleeping together. Before the film reaches its violent conclusion, we see that everyone has a  hidden agenda.

Saints and Sinners was meant to be gritty, but that, for me, is its downfall. There is entirely too much scenery-chewing and very little subtlety, and the script does not quite take the time and effort needed to sell the friendship between Plank and Chapa.



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  • It is considered by some to be the best career nudity for Jennifer Rubin, who shows breasts and buns, and shows the fun way to put on a condom.

  • Scott Plank does a full frontal.


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None. Appeared briefly on the festival circuit before going to video in the UK.



5.3 IMDB summary (of 10)

Saints and Sinners (1994)

It is available on DVD from on a region 0 PAL in English with optional subtitles in all of the Scandinavian languages.