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Sadomania (1981), a "women in prison" sleazefest from the legendary Jess Franco, has finally been released on DVD. This marks the first time the uncut version has been available in the United States.

The idea came about as an "Ilsa the Wicked Warden" type film, but using a black transsexual, Ajita Wilson, as the warden.

The innocent girl required in all WIP films is played by Uta Koepke. She and her husband are on their honeymoon, and pull off the road for a quickie. They are arrested, and evil warden Wilson keeps Koepke, but releases the husband. He swears to get her out.


  • All of the women mentioned show everything, including the transsexual warden. (You would not know she is a transsexual.)
  • Franco also hired 50 naked female extras for the film.
The prison serves as slave labor, entertainment for the governor and his bisexual wife, and Wilson's pleasure. The prison uniform is cut off jeans, period.

There are some pretty extreme plot elements in this film, even by 1981 standards. Consider prisoner Andrea Guzon, who gets into a fight to the death with guard Patricia Quow. When she wins, she is given to the governor, who chains her to a chair and has his German shepherd ravage her, which finally gives him enough of an erection to screw his wife, Gina Janssen. The same prisoner is then sold to a slave trader who rapes her, then is sold again to a bordello. Ursula Buchfellner doesn't get the canine treatment, and doesn't arouse the governor, but the governor's wife seduces her, then sells her to the whorehouse, where she dies from VD and an infection caused when a customer took a big bite out of her right breast. Nadine Pascal plays a prisoner who refuses to sleep with the governor, and so is turned loose in the swamp to be hunted.

DVD info from Amazon

  • The anamorphic widescreen transfer is top-notch, but the English dubbing is second rate.

  • The included interview with Jess Franco makes this DVD a good value.

According to the interview with director Jess Franco, the knife fight between Guzon and Quow is the only time in any of his films where the actresses were in real danger, because they insisted on using real weapons. Franco liked this film very much, and even played the part of the brothel owner, who was gay, and was shown being sodomized in one scene.

Like many Jess Franco efforts, the plot is not all that important here, but for the sheer quantity amount of nudity and kinkiness, this ranks as one of the top WIP exploitation films of all time.

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Based on this description, this is a C+. The point of the film is sexual nudity. If it gives you any idea, IMDB says it was rated X even in the severely truncated version, which is 67 minutes long. The actual runtime of the full version is 102 minutes. There is not a single scene in the film without at least some breast exposure, and there are precious few frames without full nudity. Like many Jess Franco efforts, the plot is not all that important here, but for the sheer quantity of nudity and kinkiness, this ranks as one of the top WIP exploitation films of all time.

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