The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

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No comment. Could there be anyone who doesn't know what this is?

When I lived in Europe, I once played Rocky in a community theater production of the stage version. In English, of course. It was probably the highlight of my acting career, which is pretty strong evidence of just how bad I sucked. When you consider that I was in my early 40's at the time, it is also pretty good evidence of how desperate the theater company was for English-speaking actors.

Anyway, did you know there was a sequel to the movie?

Director Jim Sharman, despite the landmark visual styling of Rocky Horror and the cult/camp status it achieved, never again directed any movie of any significance. One of his obscure efforts, in fact the last one, was the obscure 1981 Rocky Horror Sequel, called Shock Treatment.

Richard O'Brien, who wrote the original script and played Riff Raff In "Rocky Horror", also wrote and starred in the sequel. I haven't seen it, and didn't know of its existence until about ten minutes before I wrote these words.

Here's an interesting article about the sequel.

Anyway, Rocky Horror has just been released in a new two-disk set. It is a good special edition.

Disk one has two versions of the movie (USA theatrical release and UK release). If you play it on a DVD-ROM drive, it also includes some trivia games, screensavers, and other surprises.

Disk two has about a dozen outtakes, two deleted musical numbers, a VH1 video, trailers, a karaoke sing-a-long, a documentary on the making of the picture, and a misprinted ending.

No nudity.

IMDB summary: 6.5 out of 10.

DVD info from Amazon.

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VHS info from Amazon about the sequel.

CD soundtrack info from Amazon about the sequel.

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