by Tuna

Ricco is basically a Mafia revenge story which begins with Ricco's release from reform school. Some time earlier, a mob boss had killed Ricco's father and got him arrested. The mafioso then took over the Ricco family business and even stole Ricco's girlfriend (Malisa Longo).

Ricco's sister (Paola Senatore) urges him not to seek revenge, but his mother has a different attitude, especially since the mobster who killed Ricco's father blew away his face in the process. Ricco sides with mom. He hooks up with the daughter of a counterfeiter (Barbara Bouchet), and together they make the mobster's life miserable. After Ricco successfully rips the mobster off for a lot of money and diamonds, he also seduces the former girlfriend who is now the mobster's moll. The infuriated capo decides to make Ricco mad enough to cause a direct confrontation. He kills Ricco's sister, his brother-in-law, and his mother, then boils Ricco's ex-girlfriend into soap. Understandably, these actions get Ricco a bit miffed, leading to the final showdown.

My problem with the film is with Robert Mitchum's Bambi-looking son Christopher, who plays Ricco. He just does not come off as a tough guy. In fact, despite his reputed black belt in judo, he seems more like a hairdresser.


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  • Breasts from Malisa Longo, Paola Senatore and Barbara Bouchet



2 Slant (of 4 stars)





6.4 IMDB summary (of 10)


Ricco has been released on a Region 1 DVD as Ricco the Mean Machine.

The DVD is dubbed in English, competently.

It is presented in a fairly clean widescreen anamorphic transfer.