Rattlers (1976) from Tuna

Rattlers (1976) is a recent Something Weird Video release of a Box Office International (Harry Novak) property.


Celia Kaye, as one of the victims, shows buns, and parts of her breasts in a bathtub death scene

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  • Creepy-Crawly Horror Trailers for "Rattlers," "Attack of the Giant Leeches," "The Black Cat," "The Crawling Hand," "Creature of the Walking Dead," "Devil Woman," "Don't Open the Window," "The Horror of Party Beach," "The Killer Shrews," "Night of the Cobra Woman" and "Spasmitus Midnight Thrill Show"

  • Snake-O-Rama Shorts "Snake Charmer," "Dina Newell the Cobra Girl," "Snake Dream," "Esmeralda at the Cafe d'Artist," "Snake Lover" and "Snake vs. Snake"

  • Extra Added Attraction: Boris Karloff is the evil leader of a Cult of Voodoo Worshippers in the Mexihorror feature "The Snake People" (1968, 90 min.)

  • Ghastly Gallery of Ghoulish Comic Cover Art with Horror Audio Rarities

  • Full-screen format

Novak didn't produce the film, however. It is one of Novak's pick-up films, that is, films he acquired rights to after they were made by someone else.

This is a cliché creature film. The government ditches a leaking nerve gas container in a mine shaft, not realizing that the shaft is a rattlesnake den. The gas makes them aggressive, and they go on the rampage a la The Birds, The Swarm, Arachnophobia, etc. A college professor is brought in to consult by the local police, and a young, attractive woman is hired to help him out and serve as his photographer. Guess as to the rest of the plot, and you will more than likely be correct.

It is not incompetent, and so has no bad film charm. It is just derivative and ordinary.

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Based on this description, I suppose this is a C-, only for genre addicts.

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