Confessions of a Psycho Cat (1968) from Tuna

Confessions of a Psycho Cat (1968) is another DVD release from Something Weird, and is truly "something weird." 
Originally filmed as a black comedy, they were unable to get distribution, so added an entire sub-plot of gratuitous nudity. The film then became a cult classic, but for the original material, not the nudity.

(Scoop's note: even with the inserted material, it's only 69 minutes long!)


To add the gratuitous nudity, they had a bunch of young men and women at a swing party waiting to score drugs from -- you guessed it -- the drug dealer that is to be the psycho cat's final victim. Unfortunately, none of the naked women were identified. 
The wife of a big game hunter is not allowed to go with him on safari because she is mentally deranged, so she devises her own hunt. She identifies three men who, in her opinion, deserve to die, and offers them each $100,000.00 if they can survive 24 hours in Manhattan with her hunting them. She picks a wrestler, a drug pusher, and a stage actor. Each of them was acquitted of murder for an act he did commit.

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no widescreen, no features, not in color, only 69 minutes long!


She kills each of them in a manner she finds appropriate, and the class of the film is when she kills the wrestler, who she has decided is like a bull. She has her house boy put two pics in his back, dons a Toreador outfit, and fights him like a bull. 

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