Private Benjamin (1980) from Tuna

For those who don't remember the plot, Goldie is a Jewish American Princess whose husband dies on top of her on their wedding night. As she tells her mother-in-law, his last words were "I'm cumming." She is distraught, and is talked into  joining the Army by a slick recruiter.  Naturally, Army life doesn't come easy to her. 


Goldie has some good cleavage and poke throughs, there is anonymous breast and bun exposure, and P. J. Soles shows most of her breasts when she is caught with a superior officer while on maneuvers

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Scoopy's notes: 

Although Goldie is a comedienne, singer, and dancer, and a respectably good actress, she's never been in a really great movie. Her top rated film at IMDb is the quirky Woody Allen musical "Everyone Says I Love You". (In that movie, Goldie did one of the most memorable dance numbers I've ever seen.) 

The academy nominated her as Best Actress for "Private Benjamin"

She won Best Supporting Actress for "Cactus Flower"

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  • Maltin 3/4

  • Rotten Tomatoes summary. Eight articles on file

  • nominated for three Oscars, including best actress (Goldie) and best supporting actress (Eileen Brennan)

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Based on this description, this film is a C+. Goldie has done work with more serious themes (such as Swing Shift), but this film is fun.

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