Pigkeeper's Daughter (1972) from Tuna

The Pigkeeper's Daughter is another Harry Novak dumb hillbilly film, with the usual amount of near hard core nudity and sex. As a matter of fact, it looks a whole lot like they were doing more than acting. Think of the entire film as a farmer's daughter and traveling salesman joke.


The nudity is from one-time-wonders, and an unknown, who probably could be found in hard core films if you knew their other names. The women are Patty Smith, Gina Paluzzi, Terry Gibson and an unknown hitchhiker. All four show everything, including some gyno shots, and possible penetration.

The nudity is great, and there are a few laughs. My favorite was the salesman meeting a man who had been robbed, stripped naked, had his hands tied to his ankles, and his car stolen. The salesman walks up behind him unzipping his pants, and says "This really isn't your lucky day."

This is another top notch Something Weird Video release, and is on the same DVD with Sassy Sue.

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