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Picture Windows (1995) is an obscure mini-series suggested by a Funhouse reader.
It consists of three short stories. Supposedly, paintings come to life to reveal the stories.

The first episode is loosely based on Pagliacci, and is about a clown in a tragic love affair. It is beautifully filmed, and was nominated by American Society of Cinematographers for best achievement in a mini series.  It was directed by Norman Jewison.


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The second episode, Song of Songs was far and away my favorite, and contained clear topless from Sally Kirkland. George Segal plays a middle-aged baker who works with his wife in a neighborhood bakery. Sally Kirkland opens a lingerie shop across the street. George disapproves, until he meets Sally, who instantly becomes the love of his life. When he finally has the "I've fallen in love with someone else" talk with his wife, he gets more than one surprise. Directed by Peter Bogdanovich, this is a very clever romantic comedy, with more than a little pathos. It is reminiscent of an O'Henry short story.

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The third episode, Language of the Heart, tells the story of a ballerina, and the young street musician who captured her heart. It won an Emmy for the music.

Soir Blue was a little arty even for me. Language of the Heart was a sentimental but unremarkable tribute to the power of love, but Song of Songs is a real unknown gem. There is literally no information to be found on line -- not even 5 votes at IMDB.

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Based on this, I rate the whole DVD a C+, but Song of Songs a B.

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