Pick-Up Summer (1992) from Tuna

Pick-up Summer (1980) is a teensploitation summer fun tittie flick (originally known as Pinball Summer) revolving around a pinball tournament, and the rivalry between the "normal" guys and some evil bikers. The good guys are not that good, the evil bikers are not that evil, the acting is abysmal, the plot is totally lame in its best moments, and the IMDB score of 6.1 of 10 is incomprehensibly high.


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It is unique to see a summer fun film not set in Florida or Southern California (it takes place in Canada). All of the women in the cast run around barely in bikinis, but two of them have clear breast exposure, Joy Boushel (The Fly, Look Who's Talking) in her first credited performance, and Eva Robin, who does not appear in the credits in any on-line source. 

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Based on this description, this film is a D, and would be lower if not for some welcome flesh.

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