Pervirella(1997) from Tuna

Pervirella (1997) is a 16mm home movie made in the UK, trying to be a high camp sex farce. The production values are so bad as to make it nearly unwatchable. Things are moved on obvious strings. Bad toy houses are used as miniatures. Lighting, focus, exposure, etc. were totally beyond them. The acting is absent.

Emily Booth as Emily Bouffante plays Pervirella, who turns into a sex crazed woman when her choker is removed. While she is topless for much of the film, in most cases the image quality is so bad you can't really tell. Her father, and several other people travel in search of an elixir of youth for the queen, and have one misadventure after another.


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The film was mostly shot in the director's home. Were the image quality even marginally acceptable, this might have bad movie appeal and a cult following, but, as it is, it is an F.

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Based on this description, this film is a F.

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