Percy  (1971) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski) and Tuna

Everyone was trying out the new levels of sexual liberation in the late 60's and early 70's, so why should British Sex Comedies be any different? In the early 60's, this genre was flourishing without any flesh, headed up by the seemingly infinite inventory of Carry On films. When the new permissiveness took hold, the genre kept going pretty much as it had been, except with a bit of nudity.

Unfortunately for these filmmakers, the world changed in many ways besides just tolerance of nudity, and 1971 was a completely different world from 1961. Nudity or no nudity, the old Carry On formula seemed hopelessly out of date and hopelessly trivial. It still does, except as evidence of the way we were.


see the main commentary in yellow
This particular one is about a guy who gets a penis transplant and can't resist his curiosity about what Mr Percy Penis did before becoming attached to him.


You know a film is going to be lame when the DVD box tells you it sucks. That's a pretty bad sign. The box says "They don't really make movies like PERCY any more. There is a reason for that." Oh, well, if you choose to see the movie, it at least it has historical value as a sample of something which will never pass this way again.

It features a complete musical score from The Kinks who, as far as I know, are the only musical group to have any major hits without knowing more than three guitar chords. (Even in the Monkees, Mike Nesmith knew how to play the guitar.)

And there isn't much nudity! Mostly a lot of teases.  Antonia Ellis strips off her bra, and that's it except for two "made for freeze-frames", a quick peek of Janet Key and very brief peek at Britt Eckland.

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  • Widescreen anamorphic, 1.66:1. Good transfer.

  • no meaningful features

Tuna's comments in Yellow

Percy (1971) was a sex farce with a very promising premise that just didn't deliver. An antique dealer in an unhappy marriage is delivering a chandelier when another man jumps from his lover's window to avoid her husband. Unfortunately there was no balcony, and he lands on our hero. The naked jumper dies, and Hywel Bennet is Bobbitized by the chandelier when the other man lands on him. This is great news for Denholm Elliott, a local surgeon who has perfected penile transplants, and has been looking for a donor and a recipient. The attached organ is known as Percy. Percy's new owner becomes obsessed with finding out who the donor was, and then meeting all of the donor's ex girlfriends.

Good news includes breast of Britt Eckland, breast of Antonia Ellis, breast of Janet Key, and as much leg as I have ever seen from Tracy Crisp,  original songs written and performed by The Kinks, a good DVD transfer, and a nostalgic look at "mod." On the other hand, there was precious little that was genuinely funny, and the whole thing was rather boring and predictable. 

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Based on this description, Tuna says this film is a C-, partly based on the production value. Scoopy says that is way too high, the production value serving only to rescue the film from an F. "Hey, I like British sex farces, but this one is lame and totally lacking in energy"

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