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Die Legend von Paul und Paula (1974) would be nothing more than a dated drama, except for where and when it was made. It is an East German film done during a brief period of artistic freedom, and one of the most popular ever in the DDR. Viewed through our eyes, it is a rather pedestrian story of a woman who kicks out her cheating husband, then falls for a neighbor who himself is in an unhappy marriage with a cheating spouse. Paula wants him to herself, but he has a sense of duty, and worries about his son.


Angelica Domröse shows her breasts, and pokes through several of her outfits. Heidemarie Wenzel, as Paul's wife, also shows her breasts, and an unknown actress who is caught by Paula with her first husband also shows her breasts. 
What made this film so daring was a theme that you should sometimes follow your heart and dare to dream. Paula was a lower class single mother who worked in a supermarket, while Paul was a petty government official. She was the dreamer, he full of the notions of work ethic, loyalty to the state, etc, that were expected of him. His wife was the daughter of a seedy carnival owner, beautiful but a complete gold digger, and promiscuous by nature. There were a few innovative moments I really enjoyed, such as the morning after Paula first sleeps with Paul. She is still in a satisfied and romantic fog, and forgets to put her work shirt on before opening the pop bottle recycling window to the usual crowd of men. In another scene, she is asked to help at the registers due to a huge rush of angry shoppers. She starts singing a dirty song, and soon the entire store joins in.

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If the context interests you, I am sure you have already decided to look for it. If not, the story itself is not compelling enough to win anyone over. It is in German, with sub-titles.

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  • with their dollars: a mammoth success in the old East Germany with 3.2 million admissions.


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