The Patriot (1986) from Tuna

Briefly, Annapolis grad turned Navy SEAL Lt. Ryder (Gregg Henry) refused a lawful order to wipe out a Vietnamese village of women and children, received a Dishonorable discharge, and became a drunk, and oil rig driver. Ex girlfriend Simone Griffeth, also a Navy Lieutenant/SEAL and daughter of an Admiral (Leslie Nielsen) dumped him.


Simone Griffeth, who gave up acting after this role, showed a breast during the one sex scene with Gregg Henry.
Suddenly, his country needs him again. Someone has stolen three nukes, and he has to find them. I say three nukes. It was two at the start of the film, but three by the time it ended. They made some noises about anti-war political motivations for the robbery, but also had one set to go off to add some suspense to the film.

I could never figure out just how many bad guys there were, or how they related to each other, but then I didn't understand why the Navy would bring back a drunk, erase his dishonorable discharge, and reinstate his rank, or why an Admiral's daughter was still a Lieutenant after so many years in the Navy.

Look for Michael J. Pollard in a minor role.  

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Based on this description, this film is a D-. The Patriot is one of the worst thrillers I have ever seen. Fight scenes were amateurish at best, without even the illusion of punches connecting. This film has a terrible plot, bad acting, and is ineptly made and transferred. The DVD was dark, grainy and undersaturated.

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