Out of Control


by Tuna

Out of Control (1998) is a thriller starring Sean Young. She plays a mobster's girl in Pittsburgh, and runs off with his car and a whole lot of cash. She finds a small town, starts an affair with a diner owner, and seems to be hiding from the enforcers who are out to get her. Predictably, she is found, and someone tries to grab her and the money, but the diner owner makes short work of him. Of course, this is not the last of the visitors, and, before this one is over, there will also be some surprise plot twists, and I did not predict the ending.

As Sean Young's only fan, I wanted to like this, and found it watchable.



by Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

A tough diner owner easily disposes of some Pennsylvania mobsters who are looking for someone hiding from the syndicate? I have not seen this movie, but the plot sure sounds like a lot like "A History of Violence."



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Not good enough to go out of your way for unless you are a fan of Tom Conti, Sean Young, or erotic thrillers, but worth a watch if you are. You also may find it interesting to see Sean with large breasts. (She had a child in January 1998)



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  • Sean Young shows her breasts and buns clearly. There is also a very fleeting shot of her pubes.