The Other Side of the Bed (2002) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski) and Tuna

This is a musical comedy about the complex relationship between four people - two couples. One wag at IMDB described it as "Grease" meets "Bob & Carol and Ted & Alice", which sums it up economically, and fairly well.

All four are friends, but it seems that one of the men and one of the women are fooling around - with each other. They resolve to tell their partners. The woman breaks up with her boyfriend, but the man does not break up with his girlfriend. The resulting story is a chronicle of how they mix and match, pair up and then pair up again in different combinations.

It's reasonably charming, and there is nothing much wrong with the film, but it's just a piece of trite and superficial fluff, completely predictable, with no special insights. It is less like a Spanish film, and more like those colorful, fluffy Bollywood musicals. For some reason incomprehensible to me, it was nominated for the Best Picture Goya, which probably tells you less about the film than about the lack of depth in the Spanish film industry. I think they really have to struggle to find enough nominees worthy of statuettes.


  • Paz Vega - breasts
  • Natalia Verbeke- breasts and buns, brief frontal.

It is strictly for fans of musicals, and let me warn you that you may not like it even if you like musicals:

1. It's in Spanish, with subtitles

2. The music isn't much good. The melodies are bland. The women sing fairly well, but compared to the men in this film, Lee Marvin sings like Pavarotti. The one guy just talks through his songs, and the other guy makes nothing resembling a musical sound.


El otro lado de la cama (2002) is a musical romantic comedy made in Spain. I didn't much enjoy the musical/dance aspect, as it was not a style of music I enjoyed and didn't advance the plot, but that wasn't a big enough problem to ruin what was a pretty funny romantic comedy.

Guillermo Toledo is told by his girlfriend, Natalia Verbeke, that she is ending their relationship, because she is in love with someone else. He runs to tell his best friend, Ernesto Alterio, and his girlfriend, Paz Vega about it. Then Alterio meets Verbeke for a romp in a hotel room. Toledo wants to figure out who who the other guy is, and Alterio tries to convince him it is a lesbian. As a matter of fact, I think everyone in the film at some point accuses everyone else of being gay.

Verbeke is furious at Alterio for not telling Vega he was leaving her. Eventually, Toledo and Vega do the deed together, equaling everything out.

The Critics Vote ...

  • Super-panel consensus: less than two stars. Roger Ebert 2/4, TV Guide 2/5

  • Nominated for six Goyas, including Best Picture. Won one, for Best Sound.

The People Vote ...

  • A monster hit in Spain: 2.8 million tickets, about equal in popularity to a $150 million blockbuster in the USA. (USA has about seven times the population, at eight bucks a ticket .... )
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Based on this description, Scoop says. "this is a C-. If you don't like subtitled films, this one is unremarkable, not worth the effort. If you're a big fan of Spanish films or of musical comedies, it's at the low end of "watchable". It was a big hit in Spain." Tuna says, "I found it a fast watch with some truly funny moments. C."

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