Oesters van Nam Kee


by Tuna

Oesters van Nam Kee is a tragic love story from The Netherlands, starring Katja Schuurman as Thera, a young exotic dancer, and Egbert Jan Weeber as Berry, a High School dropout from a good family who is hanging around with thugs. The film has not been seen much outside of Holland, although it was shown at one festival in North America and one in Germany.

The film opens with Berry doing something with a gun, then fleeing to an old family home in France. The rest of the story is a flashback to the 5 months leading to that moment.

Berry meets Thera while selling some devil's horns he took from the scene of a hit and run accident (they belonged to the victim). She bought a pair, and then the two went out for Chinese food,  thus the title, which translates, "Oysters at Nam Kee's." The date ends badly, but she gives him a card and suggests that he see her dance at work. The two eventually end up in bed together, and quickly become inseparable. They plot some way to get enough money to travel, and finally hit upon a scheme that nets them enough. They check into a high class hotel to wait for travel arrangements, but the relationship starts to unravel, and then she has an epileptic seizure, is hospitalized, and her mother chases Berry off. He does not react well.

The first act works well, although it was never clear why Thera would date a kid like Berry, but the film goes rapidly downhill along with their relationship. In my opinion, the film exists to show Katja Schuurman's body in full body nudity in the hot sex scenes, which are the best part of the film. Given her body, maybe that is reason enough.


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  • Katja Schuurman: full body nudity in hot sex scenes, which are the best part of the film




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It grossed about a million Euros (140,000 admissions) in The Netherlands. Proportionate to the population of that country, that would be about equivalent to a $20 million film in the USA.




5.4 IMDB summary (of 10)



Oesters van Name Kee

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