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Obra Maestra (2000), or Masterpiece, is a comedy staring Ariadna Gil, Santiago Segura and Pablo Carbonell. Segura and Carbonell have decided to make a film, and won't rest until famous actress and world class bitch Gil agrees to be in it. When she expresses nothing but disdain for their super 8mm effort, they kidnap her, and force her to appear. The film within the film is full of trite situations, and, to make matters worse, musical numbers.


Ariadna Gil shows her breasts in three different scenes. 
Gil has "bitch" down pat, and Carbonall and Segura are believable as the inept actor and director, but most of the humor didn't work for me.

The one IMDB comments gives the films plusses very succinctly.

"So, you want to make movies? Then you must see this one. Spanish comedians Pablo Carbonell and Santiago Segura gave an unexpected dramatic twist with this movie... pathetic wanna-be film-makers kidnap a huge star (Ariadna Gil) in order to shoot their own movie. What follows is a heart-breaking story about the distance between wishes and reality, between expectations and talent. It's hard not to empathize with the characters, and the movie has a few great sequences, but, somehow it is too pathetic. Anyways, I really liked this one. Just give it a try."

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While I understand why he liked it, it is the very reason I didn't. I was expecting a comedy, got a tragedy. Still, with good technical and artistic values, and good performances, you might enjoy it.  

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