The Nude Vampire


by Tuna

La Vampire Nue was the second feature-length film, first in color, from one of the foremost directors of vintage European horrotica, Jean Rollin.

It has no vampires. Not that much nudity, either, except from background figures.

The opening music is a discordant violin solo, about what you would expect from a deaf 3 year old with no training. As the action begins, a young man becomes enamored of a girl in the streets, then sees her shot. He later finds the same girl, very much alive, at a club owned by his father. At the same time, he discovers a suicide cult willing to sacrifice their lives to feed the young woman blood to keep her alive. They also keep her out of the daylight, believing that she is a vampire, and that light would kill her. We soon learn that there is a warring faction after her, that the young man's father hopes to discover the secret of everlasting life by studying her, and that dad is not necessarily one of the good guys.

The film has some of what we would later come to know as Rollin trademarks, including two musty old chateaus, symbols, weird masks, and twin females. On the other hand, anything you might like about this movie has been done by Rollin better in his later films, so this one is only for Rollin completists.


Our Grade:

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  • Caroline Cartier, as the supposed vampire, shows breast see-throughs in a trademark Rollin sheer gown.
  • The Castel Twins show breasts.
  • An unknown black woman does full frontal and rear, and several unknowns show breasts.


No major reviews online.



It had a theatrical release in France in 1970, but the box office details, if ever known, are now lost.



5.4 IMDB summary (of 10)
The transfer is good, and the disk includes another Rollin short, trailers, and a short slide show.

What little dialogue there is consists of dubbed English.