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La Nuit des Traquees (Night of the Hunted) is possibly Jean Rollin's lowest budget film. The location was a Paris office building after hours, the cast was primarily porn stars and amateurs, and shooting was finished in two weeks. It is widely considered his worst effort. First, it has nothing to do with Vampires. Second, there are no Gothic settings. In short, it is not what his fans expect of him. I believe there is an additional reason. In the past, only very poor quality tapes of this film were available. The Redemption folks borrowed Rollin's original internegs, ultrasonically cleaned them, transferred to digital, then applied additional noise filtering. This resulted in the cleanest version of this film ever made. In addition, the Redemption edition contains several minutes of additional footage that didn't make it into the original release. The additional footage in nearly hardcore. I think this makes Night of the Hunted a watchable film.
IMHO, we owe the folks at Redemption a huge thanks for bringing this obscure European Horror material to region 1 DVD, and doing it so well. This will be my last Rollin for a while. I have been through everything currently available on DVD. There are several additional releases upcoming from Redemption, but dates have not been announced.


Nathalie Perrey, Brigitte Lahaie, Dominique Journet show prety much everything from every angle in this film. Plenty of sex and nudity.
In researching actresses for this project, I discovered an official Jean Rollin Web site at It includes a fascinating interview with Rollin. I was pleased to see that he is again making films.

La Nuit des Traquees is a psychological suspense/drama with just a touch of horror. The scissors in the eyes scene (Unknown2) is the most gruesome, and probably the best-known from this film. The story is about a motorist who encounters a woman screaming for help on a deserted road. As he drives away, he notices another woman -- this one nude. He takes the girl to his apartment, and discovers that she has a complete loss of memory. In fact her memory of things that happen disappears almost immediately. He finds almost instant rapport with her, and they end up having sex. Since the woman is Brigitte Lahaie, this is a treat for both us and him. He leaves for work the next day, and she is found and returned to "the black tower," which is a strange asylum. All of the patients have the same memory problems, and many have trouble with motor skills as well. Some have anxiety attacks and become violent. Any more of the plot would be a spoiler, and I found enough suspense in this film to hold my interest.

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  • widescreen -good quality, see the main text

  • includes two sex scenes never seen before

I am not a huge horror fan, so it is not the vampires that appeal to me in Rollin's work. I enjoyed this from a plot standpoint more than any of the other of his films I have seen. Even though he is not shooting vampires and castles, his sense of framing, color and lighting is still evident. Although Brigitte is a porn star, she is a very good actress. The other acting was surprisingly good for amateurs. I wish Rollin would have had a huge budget for this one -- it could have been an even better film -- but I liked it anyway.

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