New Best Friend (2001) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski) and Tuna

Scoop's notes in white:

Mousy good poor girl turns evil under the tutelage of campus rich-bitch goddesses. There is an overdose. There is foul play.

The story is told in whodunit form, as a flashback, with each of the witnesses narrating her own version of the past. There is some mystery, but you will not care at any time who did it.


Dominique Swain shows her breasts in two scenes, the first a lesbian encounter, the second with a couple in a threesome.

There is a large-breasted anonymous women whose bosom is uncovered in Swain's second topless scene

Scott Bairstow shoes his buns in the locker room, along with two or three anonymous male extras.

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A critical and box office fiasco (7% good reviews, Metacritic summary 6/100), and rightfully so. 

Unwatchable except for the nudity and sex scenes.

Tuna's thoughts in yellow:

New Best Friend (2002) is a girl from the wrong side of the tracks tries to fit in with the beautiful people story. The setting is a southern college, and, as the film starts, Mia Kirshner, the girl, is in a coma caused by an overdose of cocaine. The investigating officer is a black temporary chief who is expected to investigate to keep the mother quiet, but not make any waves. The entire film is flashbacks showing how Kirshner was paired with one of the in crowd for a school project. They took her in, cleaned her up, and introduced her to their friends. They also taught her about sex and drugs.

Dominique Swain as one of the girls shows her breasts during and after a lesbian scene with Kirshner, and again at the end of the film, waking up with a man and a woman, in what was originally intended to be the title sequence at the beginning of the film. It didn't matter where you stuck the nude scene, nothing could help this film. What is supposed to be a mystery thriller is neither mysterious nor thrilling, and is not even a good character exploration of these southern bell coeds. Reviews are universally bad, and IMDB readers say 4.6 of 10. The film does look very good, with a campus draped with Spanish moss, and good set decoration in the interiors. What a shame they couldn't come up with a story to make the technical achievement worthwhile.

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Based on this description, this film is a E. This thing is awful, whether viewed as a whodunit or a youthploitation pic. (Tuna C-)

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