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Since the first two seasons of "Dallas" are available on DVD now, what better way is there to bring this to the attention of whom it interests than by celebrating the big nude scene of Bobby's sweet secretary Phyllis, played by Deborah Tranelli. She let it all hang out in the still hard-to-find revenge movie "Naked Vengeance".

The Video Movie Guide 1999 considers this film a turkey. It says:

 "Unpleasant exploitation flick about a woman who seeks vengeance after she is raped and her parents murdered. Available both in R and unrated versions; we suggest that you avoid both".

Well I don't agree. I think it is one of the better and cleverer movies in its genre - way better than Death Wish II - and I have Robert Hofman's Film Encyclopedia to back me up. It reads:

 "A harsh and thrilling drama with a good acting from Tranelli. Her husband is murdered after 5 years of marriage, so she returns to her parents. She's raped right in their home, and her parents, too, are killed. When Tranelli is nursed back to health, she seeks revenge on the murderers. Shot in December 1984 by Filipino Santiago in California."

Since I first reviewed this in 1999, a few more reviews have appeared on the IMDb and they are also positive. What puzzles me is that this film is still not available on DVD anywhere, as far as I know.

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Deb shows everything twice in the film. In her first nude scene she gets raped by drunken men from her hometown who have held some long-standing grudge against her. Although nearly not as graphic as a similar scene in Death Wish II, it does get pretty violent at times. In her second nude scene, Debbie has recovered from her injuries, and has decided to reverse the roles with a revenge rampage. We first see her naked when she opts attract the attention of one of her molesters in a way that Charles Bronson never did, thank goodness. The guy thinks she's coming back for more of what he has give her, but he ends up with ... um ... less. And she grins when she man-handles him so badly.

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