The Naked Bunyip 


by Tuna

In 1970, censorship in all of the arts was extreme in Australia, and their domestic film industry was all but dead. John B. Murray decided to have a go at proving that there was a market for Australian film, and came up with the idea of a sex documentary, calculated to have wide prurient interest, and also to show the censorship situation for what it was. He got Graeme Blundell to star as a virginal market researcher assigned to the sex angle on a major study of Australian mores. Blundell interviewed hookers, massage workers, photography models, figure study models, transexuals from Les Girls, homosexuals (male and female), and anyone else who had something to say about nudity, sex, procreation, abortion, fashion trends, etc.

The censors responded as predicted, and demanded several cuts. Rather than actually remove the footage, Murray left it in, but inserted a picture of a bunyip (a mythical aboriginal demon) over the objectionable videos, and the sound of a horn over the censored audio segments. The censor was furious, but Murray had made a strong point about censorship. In a few short years Australia became one of the more liberal countries. The Naked Bunyip is thus a seminal work of the modern Australian film industry.

The DVD includes the censored footage and a 28 minute featurette about how the film came to be. The subject matter now is hardly shocking, and even the uncensored version of the nude content is ho-hum by today's standards, so the film is of interest primarily to those interested in learning about the historical context.  The complete package is fascinating for those inclined to be interested in the subject matter.





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Interesting specialty material for a tiny audience.


  • Mishka Buhler, as one of the figure models, does full frontal and rear.
  • "Carlotta," from Les Girls, shows ... er ... breasts.
  • Several other women show body parts, but could not be identified.


For further reading, there are also many on-line articles about this film, including this good one.



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By all accounts it was a huge financial success, at least by the standards of 1970 Australia.



7.8 IMDB summary (of 10)
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The Naked Bunyip