My Tale is Hot


by Tuna

"Filmed in living SKIN-A-SCOPE. Color by Sexitone"

My Tale is Hot (1964) is a nudie cutie produced by Dan Sonney and directed by Peter Perry.

Lucifer (Manny Goodtimes) is being harassed by his wife Ima Goul because he has not been doing well in the corruption department. He swears than he can corrupt the man named as most faithful husband by Ladies House Companion, vaudevillian Little Jack Little, in less than 24 hours. Alas, it is no simple matter. Jack seems to be entirely faithful to his wife (Bea Reddy) even when tempted by dozens of naked women. (This film is non-stop breasts and buns, rarely inconvenienced by plot.) Satan tries every trick he can think of using nubile naked women, but is unable to tempt him. Then we learn the reason why. Little Jack Little is a sheik, and has a harem of 365 wives. He is on his honeymoon with number 365.

This is vintage period erotica, and is not in very good shape. Nearly every frame is scratched, and there are also missing chips and obvious splices.  In spite of the technical problems, this is a must own for fans of early strippers and early T&A because of a rare film appearance from legendary stripper Candy Barr, who was caught very few times on film. She show her legendary breasts and sweet face here, in an obvious insert from a loop of her strip act. Another insert appears in the special features, this time with no pasties.


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Since the DVD also includes My Name is Jezebel and some uncensored shots from Candy Barr's strip act, it is an entertainment bargain for fans of vintage period erotica. Others will probably find enough unintentional laughs to make it worth the rental.





* full screen

*  this film is part of a double feature DVD with The Joys of Jezebel




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6.1 IMDB summary (of 10)
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  • Topless action from Candy Barr in the special features ( pasties in the actual film.)

  • Full frontal and rear nudity from Bea Reddy

  • Dozens of unknown naked women