Love Letters (1983) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Useful movie. If you have trouble sleeping, I've found a way for you to deal with your disorder without any narcotics.

What a dreadful, tedious, slow paced, syrupy movie this is. It is very comparable in tone as well as in quality to the notorious "Moment by Moment".

In structure, it is similar to The Bridges of Madison County. Jamie Lee reads the love letters of her recently deceased mother, written by a romantic soul who is not her father. Apparently mom had an affair, back when Jamie Lee was five or six, and Jamie's encounter with these 15 year old letters has a profound effect on her own attitudes.

The movie was meant to be a five hanky weeper, but it just doesn't have the right pacing, characterizations, or depth. And, Lor', is it boring.

Just out of curiosity, I looked up the director/writer, Amy Holden Jones, to see what her career looked like. It turns out that this was the highlight of her directorial career. Her other three movies were Slumber Party Massacre, Maid to Order, and The Rich Man's Wife. Her writing credits were somewhat better, but bizarrely eclectic: the original Beethoven, the remake of The Getaway, Indecent Proposal, and Mystic Pizza. Quite an assortment, eh?

Roger Corman produced this film, and we must thank him for continuing to give work to our main main Bud Cort, who is in this one as well as yesterday's Cormanfest, Brain Dead.

IMDB summary: 5.9 out of 10. Much too high, in my estimation. This film is about the same quality as movies rated two points lower.

DVD info from Amazon.It's bad enough that the DVD contains a bad movie, but the DVD is also a poor transfer, and a poor value.

  • The colors are partially washed out, and there is too much contrast in the print.
  • There is no widescreen version
  • There are no special features except some cheesy biographies.

Jamie Lee Curtis shows her body in the bathtub, and in some sex scenes. Plenty of breasts and some brief rear views. And in her early twenties, Jamie Lee was the Jennifer Connelly of her own time. Very comparable to Jennifer, really. Both smart girls with great chests. Both average actresses with interesting atypical faces. Well, Jamie's body is a plus for the movie. Pretty much the only plus.

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