Mummy Raider (2001) from Tuna

Mummy Raider (2001 video) is the latest offering from Seduction Cinema. It has about 5 minutes of plot, and the rest of the film is devoted to very soft-core lesbian sex, with a background track that is worse than disco. Musty Mondae, as the title character, is charming, attractive, and has an appealing naivete. The costars, Esmerelda DellaRocco, and Darian Caine are more the typical B bimbo types. Misty comes to rescue Caine from the evil Nazi DellaRocco, and then the two of them seduce DellaRocco. The end.


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All three women show a lot of breastitude, and some buns and bush. This flick is simply attractive women fondling each other in rather unimaginative ways, and with no passion. If it is meant as a soft-core, it falls way short. No heat, no story, and no action The production values are ok for what looks like hi definition video.

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