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The Misadventures of Margaret (1998) stars Parker Posey and features Jeremy Northam, Craig Chester, Elizabeth McGovern, Brooke Shields, and Corbin Bernsen in a lighthearted comedy that is sometimes confusing and misguided as it meanders through two plots, but has some very amusing moments. Parker visits France before starting grad school to lose her virginity to a Frenchman so she won't be the only postgrad virgin in school. She wakes up in the morning with him only to discover that he is English. When he proposes, she answers, "I just lost my virginity, not my mind."

They do marry, and return to New York. Cut to several years in the future. She is given an award for her best selling novel, and we see that all is not well with her marriage. He is a Junior College professor of poetry, and spending most of his energy on work. She becomes absorbed in a French diary she is translating and adapting for her next novel, and visits France to see the actual chateau in the diary. There, she nearly has her tryst with a Frenchman. From this point on, we are asked to keep track of two stories -- the one we have been watching, and the adventures of the heroine of Parker's novel.


Parker Posey's breasts were seen twice: once topless, standing and facing the camera in good light. Another time in the tub.

In the uncut European version (linked below) there is extensive male nudity and a topless scene from Charlie Waterman. (Yeah, that's a chick.)

She returns home, still feeling that something is missing in her life. When her Frenchman visits, she nearly has sex with him, but he passes because, "you make the noise, I don't know how you say in English -- like a pig?" When she discovers that her sister and her sister's best friend have been intimate, she tries for a lesbian tryst with her, but is rejected.

Margaret finally scores with the dentist.

Memorable lines include:

Edward Nathan: Save some insanity for menopause!

Edward Nathan: Don't look for trouble when there isn't any... 'cause if you don't find it, you end up creating it.

  • Margaret Nathan: You're aging.

  • Edward Nathan: You're helping.

  • Parker Posey is brilliant, and saved what would have been, for me, an otherwise forgettable film.


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