Miner's Massacre (2003) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Ah, the art of cinema at its finest.
Miner's Massacre is a grade-b horror film in which the horror villain is the ol' prospector who was killed by the townsfolk back in the 1850s. Y'see, Ol' Gabby has placed a curse on his lost gold. Unlike most ol' prospectors with their empty curses, he is an immortal who defends his gold personally. If anyone tries to remove any of it from his lost mine, his ghost comes after them with a big ol' pickaxe implanted into one of his arms. In other words, it's basically that fisherman dude from I Know What You Did Last Summer, except with a pickaxe instead of a fishing gaff, a duster instead of a raincoat, and an ol' prospector hat instead of a Gloucester.


Elina Madison strips and shows her bottom in a pre-sex scene. In theory, her breasts are also bare on camera, but that set-up is too dark to see anything.

Other amusing elements:

  • Karen Black is in the film as a crazy old local woman who helps with plot exposition. In a scene where she catches on fire, her stunt double is a 250 pound man.
  • The filmmaker visualizes an old joke. One character eats some chili, hears the call of nature, heads for the woods, drops trou, then literally gets the shit scared out of him!

The plot? Lessee now ... a bunch of young city people head out to a remote area in search of ....

Oh, wait, you know that part?

Then they have sex, and the ones who get laid are killed by ...

What's that you say? You're heard that one?

Then some of them get really greedy for the gold, and the greediest ones die a horrible ...

You know that too?

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Well, here's one you don't know. The two nice kids get away because they throw away the last of the gold, and the Ol' Prospector stops chasing them and returns to his grave, consarn it. But then the cop who finds the kids goes back to the mine to check for clues, finds the purse with some of the miner's gold in it, shouts "hey, didn't you kids lose this ....?" He walks toward them, thus starting to remove the gold from the mine ...

And I'll bet you'll never guess what happens last.

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Based on this description, I originally scored it a C-. I didn't enjoy it at all, and I often laughed at it, which is not a good sign for a horror film, but I thought it was probably a bare minimum bottom feeder as a genre flick. It's unoriginal, but not necessarily incompetent. The IMDb voters so far do not agree with that assessment. It seems that everyone hated it as much as I did, so my score may be too high. Lacking any support from genre fans, it's probably a D or an E.

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