Men in Black II  (2002) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Men in Black was a popular sequel, with nearly $400 million in worldwide gross.

Tommy Lee and Will came back to reprise their roles. Agent K (TLJ) has retired, and is working as a postmaster in a remote hamlet. Agent J (Will Smith) needs K's memories in order to prevent the world from annihilation.


none. Lara Flynn Boyle does spend the entire film in Victoria's Secret clothing.

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  • Commentary by director Barry Sonnenfeld with optional telestrator diagrams

  • full screen

  • Alien broadcast

  • Special animated short film

  • 15 production featurettes: Take 2: Looping MIB II, Alien Esoterica, Serleena Animatica, Rick Baker (special makeup effects), Danny Elfman (original score), Bo Welch (art/production design), Foley Artists, Frank the Pug, Jarra, Jeebs, Jeff the Worm, Scrad/Charlie, Serleena, The Worms, Barry Sonnenfeld's Intergalactic Guide to Comedy

  • Alternate ending

  • Will Smith music video

  • Multi-angle scene deconstructions

  • Blooper reel

The film treads on all the familiar ground, finding some laughs in big budget f/x mayhem.

There isn't a lot that's really inspired, but I think it should be satisfactory (if a touch disappointing) for those who liked the original. Some laughs, a couple thrills, but it was a workmanlike marketing project made to capitalize on the franchise, not a sudden burst of filmmaking genius. I laughed to see Michael Jackson and Martha Stewart playing themselves, as aliens, of course.

The best reason to look at the DVD is not the film but the special features, including the blooper reel.

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  • General USA consensus: two and a half stars. Ebert 1.5/4, Berardinelli 2.5/4, Entertainment Weekly C+.

  • UK consensus: one and a half stars Daily Mail 0/10, Daily Telegraph 6/10, Independent 2/10, The Guardian 4/10, The Observer 2/10, The Times 2/10, Evening Standard 2/10, The Sun 6/10, The Express 4/10, The Mirror 6/10, BBC 3/5

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  • with their dollars: A hit. Made for 140 million dollars, it grossed $190 million in the USA and about an equal amount overseas.

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Based on this description, C. OK comedy, OK sequel. Nothin' more.

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