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Me & Will (1998) is an Indie written, produced, directed and staring Sherrie Rose and Melissa Behr, and is a semi-autographical tribute to Easy Rider. They were offered funding by Roger Corman on the condition that they have a lesbian sex scene, and they turned him down flat. They do, however, have a lengthy nude scene together where they are splashing and cavorting in a hot spring, including full frontal exposure. 
The two meet in rehab, and decide to escape and go on a cross-country odyssey to find the red white and blue bike from Easy Rider. They pledge to remain drug free and avoid men - a pledge that proves to hard to keep.


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  • no widescreen, no features 

There is very little original here, and the photography in places is over-artistic and very distracting. The character development and acting is very good, however. 

I have to applaud the film makers for a strong effort against heavy odds, and producing an acceptable film.. 

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