Maximum Thrust (2003) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Maximum Thrust, also known simply as Thrust,  is a soft core sex film about street racing. I suppose it is the Citizen Kane of street racing sex films.

Given the genre, the overview will follow a format appropriate to the consumer interest.


Breasts from Beverly Lynne, Robin Hyden, Nicole Oring

Akira Lane provides the full monty, front and rear.

1. Is the sex hot? No, It is average by genre standards.

2. Is the sex creative, or creatively filmed? Most of it is standard stuff, but a couple of scenes are inventive. About average overall.

3. Is the sex in good lighting? Some yes, some no. Call it average, or slightly below.

4. Is the nudity comprehensive? Not at all. Only one of the four women does a clear unobstructed frontal with her face in the frame. The other three offer breasts-and-face only.

5. Are the women attractive? Just adequate, not spectacular. Two of the four have real breasts, which most people consider a plus.

6. Is the performing solid? Yes. It is not Branagh's Henry V, but is average or above average by genre standards.

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  • no widescreen

  • no meaningful features

7. Are the plot and production values solid? Amazingly, yes. It looks like a real movie, and the plot is almost good enough to hold one's attention without the sex scenes. That is the film's strength. The racing scenes are cool, the film has a good look, and the plot has a beginning, middle, and end. The film is quite skillfully edited.

Unfortunately, the positives in areas 6 and 7 are not as important to genre fans as the other five areas - in which the film is average or below average. In addition, Tuna disagrees on point seven anyway, so that doesn't really leave anything as a compelling draw.


Thrust (2003) is a skinemax sports cliche soft-core which IMDB calls Maximum Thrust. The sport this time is street racing. We have Robyn Hyden as the former champ who lost her driver and her reputation when her new experimental car exploded. She blames the new king of the sport, Onyx, claiming that he sabotaged the car. She is now trying a comeback. She is out of money, her car needs parts she can't afford, and she is afraid to use her special modification as it might be dangerous. Former Dallas Cheerleader Beverly Lynne is a new but talented driver whom she hires to drive her car, so she can concentrate on the engine work.

Her assistant is Nicole Oring, and Onyx's main squeeze is Akira Lane. Hyden shows everything in a sex scene, ad the other three women show everything in two sex scenes each. As a matter of fact, way too much time is devoted to the sex scenes, even for a soft-core. The plot is totally predictable, and most of the nude scenes are very dark.  It has the requisite nudity for a soft-core, but the plot is not at all engaging.


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