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Marquise (1997) is not Sophie Marceau's best known film, and is only available on Secam VHS. 
Sophie plays the title role, as a young dancer in a small French town, who does sex for pay with her father as business manager. She dreams of the theater. When Molière and his troupe come to town, she gets her wish. One of Molière's star players, Gros-René, arranges to marry her, but shares her with any man she wants to sleep with - most especially Molière. Her first attempt at acting didn't work well, as she froze and couldn't deliver a line. 


Sophie shows her breasts in bed near the end of the film, and a lot of cleavage throughout. 
 Her fortune took a turn for the better when she danced for Louis XIV, and did a cartwheel under his nose while wearing no underwear. Needless to say, the king was impressed. When her husband dies, she switches to another playwright, and plays the lead. Of course, she sleeps with him. She is an instant hit, but does not find happiness. True to a real French story, the ending is tragic.
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A French entry in the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern school of famous people as seen through the eyes of the average people. Was praised by the critics for excellent period reproduction.

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