The Man Who Loves

 ("L'uomo che ama," 2007)

by Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

I'm not exactly sure what was going on in this Italian movie, because I watched it without sub-titles. If I understood the plot (which is not likely), the lead actor dumped a devoted, successful, and beautiful woman (Monica Bellucci) because he wasn't really in love with her. Sigh. I guess he was just holding out for true love!  If so, he seems to have miscalculated, because when he did fall in love, she dumped him, leaving him without love and without the consolation prize of hot, sweaty sex with Monica Bellucci.

If that's really what happened (and, again, I would not bet on it), then this is yet another chick-flick written by a woman in which the male characters behave like women. As all guys know, it is insane to ditch a spectacularly beautiful woman who is totally in love with you. The proper way to end the relationship is to use her as a sex toy four times a day, subjecting her to every known perverted sex act, and even some unknown ones, until SHE breaks up with you. That way there's no guilt, and plenty of fun along the way.

And if she never takes the bait and refuses to break up with you? Oh, you poor dear. I pity you, having to engage with Monica Bellucci in every possible sex act four times a day until you die. What can I say? You'll never find your true love. Oh, life is harsh.

All joking aside, the sensitive melodrama was written and directed by Maria Tognazzi, daughter of the legendary character actor, Ugo Tognazzi. It was filmed in and around Turin. I once wanted to retire in Italy, and I again want to move to Italy after seeing how gorgeous and interesting it looks in this flick.

Anyway, here is an English-language review if you care what really happened. As for me, I only watched it to see Monica Bellucci topless.


Breasts from Monica Bellucci and Kseniya Rappoport





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