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The Latin American film industry is burgeoning. Argentina is producing world-class films, and some of the other countries are starting to develop some competency. This film comes from Venezuela, and while it is not innovative or modern, is a solid biopic of the Latin American patriot who loved Simon Bolivar and traveled by his side in full military regalia while El Liberador fought to free Venezuela, Bolivia, Perú, Ecuador and Colombia in the early 1800's.


Beatriz Valdés is naked in a couple of scenes, including a full frontal, posing as Goya's Naked Maja.

It is a great topic of sweeping importance. Bolivar's original plan was a single grand, republican Spanish/American nation, called Gran Colombia. Sáenz was part of Bolívar's staff, promoting herself to colonel in his army of liberation at a time when women were frowned on for doing anything other than looking good. Because Manuela was an intense person of unbending integrity, she accumulated enough political enemies to assure that her role was expunged from the written histories of the countries she helped to emancipate. In many accounts of Bolívar's life, Manuela Sáenz is mentioned only in passing, and then often inaccurately. I never heard of her before seeing this movie, but subsequently found some other corroborating accounts of her role.

The framing story adds a touch of literary elegance. A whaling ship arrives in a tiny Peruvian city in 1856, carrying among its crew the most famous whaler of them all, author Herman Melville. When Melville learns that the legendary La Liberadora herself is not only alive, but living in this very small town, he calls upon her. She refuses to talk to him, but his visit reminds her of a chest which contains Bolivar's letters. She reads the letters, the sepia-toned present becomes a colorful past, and the story unfolds, starting with her introduction to Bolivar, and leading eventually to his betrayal and death, the fragmentation of the continent into tiny dictatorships, and Sáenz's years of ailing exile.

The part of Manuela Sáenz is played by Beatriz Valdés, who is a popular soap opera star in Venezuela. 

DVD currently available for rental at Blockbusters in neighborhoods with a large Spanish-speaking component

The film is an average historical drama, but is a story worth telling. It is remarkable that it got to us at all, considering that it comes from a country with no history of North American distribution, and that it was made with a fraction of a fraction of what Hollywood would spend on such an epic historical tale.

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Based on this description, this film is a C. It has no special cinematic hook to engage the viewer, but it is a biopic about an interesting life, and has a artistic and fairly interesting framing device. They managed to make it look like a fairly high budget production.

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