Maelström (2000) from Tuna

Maelström (2000) is a French Canadian film suggested by a reader.

I finally located it in Canada, and one huge plus is lots of nudity, including full frontal from Marie-Josée Croze. It is in French with English sub-titles. It is a very strange, artsy film. The story is narrated by a fish that is being butchered, and is about a young woman (Croze) who starts off by having a really bad day. She has an abortion, her brother ousts her from the three boutiques she runs, and she hits a fish carver with her car. The carver goes, not to the hospital, but to his apartment, where he slowly dies of his injuries.

Distraught over what she has done, Croze drives her car into the river, but survives. She ends up living happily ever after with the son of the man she killed. There is a lot of unusual photography, and some very strange plot elements. At one point, the owner of a fish market tells the future by reading fish guts. 


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DVD available in Canada.

It won several international awards. It is possible I would have taken more from the film if my French was better, but I found myself wondering what it was about more than once. 

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