Made in America (1993) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Ostensibly, Made in America is about a girl's search for her father. A brilliant young black woman finds out quite by accident that she is not her father's biological daughter, but the result of artificial insemination from an anonymous sperm donor. When she uses her guile to break the sperm bank's cloak of anonymity, she finds out that her dad is not only a stranger, but a white guy! Specifically, it is Sam Malone from Cheers, playing a Southern Bohunk version of Sammy this time, as an Oakland car dealer who relies on outrageous animal stunts in his obnoxious TV commercials.
I started by saying "ostensibly" because that was where the movie began, but not where it proceeded. It turned out to be a sentimental romantic comedy in which the young girl's biological parents (big Sammy Malone and Whoopi Goldberg) actually fell in love, after never having met before.


Jennifer Tilly's character (probably a body double), did naked cartwheels, as seen from the rear. (Sexy, but very blurry)

You can tell from the description and the reviews (mixed, tending toward the negative) that the film is not a work of great merit. The film tries to cook with a difficult recipe of slapstick farce and delicate romantic comedy, sautéed in sentiment and spiced with some social satire which derives from the whole black/white thing. That was much too ambitious an undertaking, and 111 minutes was about 20 minutes beyond my fanny-tolerance level for this kind of film, but I watched it all the way through without the fast forward button, so I guess it all seemed worthwhile to me on balance, but it seemed to be seeking the adolescent girl market.

Sure enough!

Here are the IMDb breakdowns:

Females: 5.3, Males: 4.4.

Under Eighteen: 6.3, 18 or older: 4.5.

After having noted that, I guess it's only fair to add that there is no reason why you should object to your daughter watching this movie, since the values espoused by it are sensible and tolerant. In fact, you could watch with her, and the film has a broad enough appeal that you won't hate it.

DVD info from Amazon

  • no widescreen

  • no features - not even a decent menu. There is a picture of the Warner Brothers logo, and two buttons for the choices: "play film", and "scene selection".

The film does have some pretty good moments. Ol' Sammy is pretty funny and even touching as the crass extrovert whose insensitive glad-handing exterior masks some loneliness and sensitivity. He did fairly well in the emotional scenes with Whoopi and the girl, but he really excelled in the funny scenes with the animals, and the screenwriter came up with some clever ways to show how his TV commercials incorporated all kinds of flubs seamlessly into the final footage, as if it had always been meant that way.

I have to tell you, though, that even though Whoopi and ol' Sammy did become an offscreen item, I had some problems with Whoopi Goldberg as a romantic lead. She's intelligent and funny, and she does have a certain charisma, but I just can't picture anyone electrified with desire for her, as Big Sammy was supposed to be in this film.

The Critics Vote ...

  • General panel consensus: two and a half stars. Ebert 3/4, Berardinelli 2/4.

The People Vote ...

  • It was a minor hit. It grossed $44 million in the USA and $60 million overseas.


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Based on this description, this is a C. It's watchable, but don't go to any trouble to seek it out.

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