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Lust for a Vampire (1971) is another Hammer classic vampire story. It was to have been directed by Terence Fisher,  who did the first in the Carmilla Karnstein trilogy. Most of the available information says that he was injured in a traffic accident, and was replaced by Jimmy Sangster. I suppose traffic accident is technically true, but not the "whole truth." Seems he was fond of getting royally pissed at the local pub, then playing chicken by dashing across the street through traffic. This time, the traffic won. 


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The film stars Danish actress Yutte Stensgaard as the Vampire seductress who seduces professor Ralph Bates, along with several other men and fellow schoolgirls. She shows her breasts in several scenes, as do several unknowns. Suzanna Leigh as Janet Playfair, the gym teacher has a very good see-through as well. The film is worth watching if for no other reason than Yutte, and most of it is shot in good light. As for plot, what can I say? It is a vampire film, so lots of necks get bitten, then the townsfolk rise up against the vampires.

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