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Little Mother (1973) is a Radley Metzger film, but more serious than many of his efforts. It tells the story of Little Mother (Christiane Krüger), wife of the president of some eastern European nation, who has just found out she is dying. Her hopes of being Vice President are shattered both because of her illness, and because the military won't accept a female leader. So she decides she wishes to be canonized a saint to earn her permanent popularity. Just one small problem with her plan. Her climb from poverty to her position involved doing things that were not very saintly, so she makes a concerted effort to erase some of her past.


Her sexual exploits are depicted in flashbacks, and we get frequent views of her breasts, as well as a lengthy scene with all three Bs
Among her small peccadillos are murder, prostitution, sleeping her way to the top, giving her virgin girlfriend to a bunch of drunken officers to deflower at a party, and torturing her enemies to get her way. Some think it was based on the life of Evita Peron.

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  • The new DVD release is mastered from a recently discovered 35 mm print in pretty decent shape, but is still not the best quality.

  • widescreen letterbox, 1.85

Scoop's comments:

Of all the men who ever directed soft-core porn for a living, Radley Metzger was probably the most savvy about the history of film and avant garde literature.

Lickerish Quartet is basically a Pirandello homage. Little Mother is a roman a clef about Evita Peron in the structure of Citizen Kane. Radley was also able to affect the styles of European arthouse favorites like Fellini and Bergman.

So imagine how he stood out when he later turned to hard-core! (He directed The Opening of Misty Beethoven under a pseudonym.) Radley is still around and isn't that old - 70 or so, but he has't directed since 1984.

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Based on this description, this film is a C+. The noise, darkness, and lack of saturation, as well as some audio problems, detracted from the film, but I found it engrossing even with the problems.

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