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Lila (1968), aka Mantis in Lace is an exploitation quality titty film and less. Susan Stewart plays Lila, a stripper and wild flower child. She is in the habit of picking up a man at work, and taking him to a warehouse she has access to for sex. One night, her "date" gives her some acid. HUGE MISTAKE. She goes off on a "bummer," and stabs him to death with a screwdriver, than makes some structural changes to his anatomy with a cleaver.
At this point, she has found her thing -- dropping acid and hacking up lovers.


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In addition to Lila, there are several other strippers shown in two or three minute segments, The two unknowns are most likely Judith Crane and Cheryl Trepton, but there is no telling which one time wonder is which. The other strippers, Janu Wine and Pat Barrington round out the exposure. Unknown2 is rippled with cellulite, and provides the only full frontal in the film. Barrington and Wine are shown in a dressing room sharing a roach and rubbing each other with oil, and also perform on stage.

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  • Something Weird Video and Image Entertainment produced the DVD, and, I am sure, did their best with the transfer.

  • They also included a lot of extras, including out-takes, an alternate psychedelic murder scene, trailers, and a special anti-LSD film produced by a Southern California police department.

The film is dark, there is not a single person in the cast who can act, the pace is all wrong, the plot, as you can see, is merely an excuse to show nudity. I imagine the LSD was thrown in as "redeeming social merit." During the sex scenes, they spent minutes at a time showing the woman digging her fingernails into the mans back in close-up. Notice the top images. These were psychedelic hallucinations by Lila during sex.

The production budget was $35,000.00. I can't imagine how they wasted that much money. 17 IMDB readers have it way too high at 5.3/10. I imagine this was produced as adult drive-in fare, and probably made money.

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Based on this description, this film is a C. Assumimg that it is very lowbrow exploitation titty flick, it is a good example of that genre. If rated as a real movie, it would be much lower.

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