Lexx: Wake the Dead (1974) from Tuna

Lexx: Wake the Dead is Season 2 episode 10 of a Canadian TV mini-series. 


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As near as I can tell, it is aimed at a youth market, as many of the characters look punk, the music is rather modern, and sexual overtones are everywhere. The insect/spaceship Lexx is in an obvious phallic shape. In this episode, a group of  friends borrow daddy's space transport, set it to wake them up when they reach their destination, and go into cryo-sleep. They are discovered 300 years later adrift by the crew of the Lexx. One of the group unleashes a space assassin, who he charges to "kill everyone."  

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The exposure is provided by Patricia Zentilli in a shower scene. Note that the entrance to the shower looks like a vagina from the inside, and the shower nozzle looks rather like a penis. She shows buns, and rather nice ones, and a quick partial breast shot. This series seems to have a  huge following. I can't say that I found it compelling, but then I am not the target audience. 

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