Lady Frankenstein (1971) from Tuna

La Figlia di Frankenstein (1971), aka Lady Frankenstein, is a grade Z Italian Frankenstein film blessed by Maltin with a BOMB. For most of you, look over the images, especially Sara Bay 8, and forget you ever heard of the film. But for those who are as sick and twisted as I am, you might want to rent this one for a bad movie party. 
The film includes the normal Frankenstein story line -- Baron Frankenstein creates the monster then the monster terrorizes the villagers killing many. In a slight twist, the monster also kills the Baron. The major plot, however, involves the Baron's daughter, who has just become a surgeon, and wants to create the perfect man for herself. Her monster will have the brain of her father's assistant, who has always loved her, and the body of an imbecile servant. 


Bay shows breasts and bottom, and has unusually erect nipples even for her. There is also nudity from two random actresses thrown in to up the boob count. 
I don't want to spoil too many groans, but my favorite scene was the "harness lightening to bring him to life" scene. They attach lightning rods to the monster's head and open the skylight. The weather cooperates and lightening strikes, and the monster's face bursts into flame. The dubbing is simply awful, with entire sentences being delivered when nobody is moving their mouth. The transfer was made from a positive in terrible shape, with some scenes gone entirely to red. It might be the best copy available, however. 

Scoop's note: Unbelievably enough, this film stars Joseph Cotten, who seems to have slipped a bit between Citizen Kane and here. 

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