El lado oscuro del corazón 2 (2001) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

El lado oscuro del corazón 2 was definitely not my kind of movie.

The entire film has a metaphorical existence with no concrete counterpart, which is to say that characters don't engage in real human behavior and dialogue, but in some kind of allegorical behavior, as in a dream poem. The main character is a poet who is looking for "a woman who can fly". This, I suppose, symbolizes our quest for a woman who makes us feel like we are flying.

I guess.

 The dialogue consists of stuff like this:

"I'm a physicist"

"Great, I want to know about gravity. It scares me."

"Why are you afraid of gravity?"

"I'm not afraid of vertical gravity, which pulls us inevitably down to earth, but horizontal gravity, which pulls us inevitably forward in time to death"


Or this:

"I seek a woman who can fly"

"I am not good in the air. I am a creature of land and water. I am an amphiobian."


And so forth. We are left to guess which, if any, real words might have been exchanged.

Swirling camera, vibrant colors, romantic music to a tango beat, faux-poetic dialogue. That kind of crap. This is sort of like a Spanish-language version of a Zalman King story. Imagine a long episode of Red Shoe Diaries, en Español

It was a long-awaited sequel to a 1991 Argentine movie which was an arthouse favorite. The sequel has the same director, same main character, same star. I haven't seen the much-praised original, but the sequel is egregiously pretentious, and even the lush photography is ruined by excessive repetition.


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The good news is that there are several topless women, all quite beautiful, but all shot in exactly the same boring sex scene, (woman on bottom, man looking into her eyes, camera captures them above the waist, the woman's breasts barely visible in dark lighting). The only one that really interested me was Ariadna Gil, a perennial Movie House favorite, and the ongoing winner of the Spanish division of the Kate Beckinsale look-alike contest.

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  • It was nominated for three annual awards by the Argentine film academy. (Best Actress, Supporting Actress, Director)

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Based on this description, this is a C-. If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, this film is about three miles of blacktop. A stab at popular art, rarely successful.

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