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Kiss of Fire (1998), which IMDB calls Claudine's Return, stars Christina Applegate, so you know right away there will be no nudity. In addition,
everyone who has reviewed it says about 4/10. It was made for $2.0m, and I can't figure out how they spent that much money making it.
An Italian arrives on a Georgia island and becomes a handyman at the same motel that Christina has a day job handling light chores such as laundry and mail. They start a relationship. She also works nights as a stripper, but, even though we see most of her act, we still don't see any interesting parts of her. 


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There is a lot of cleavage and some poke through in this tepid romance. There is a topless anonymous stripper earlier in the strip club. Christina and the Italian become an item, but Christina has a few minor problems. She is bisexual, a former drug addict, a compulsive thief, and is alienated from her wealthy family.  

The film gets very muddled about the time she becomes pregnant and goes to visit her family, but is run off by the caretaker of their estate. I had watched this film a long time ago, and passed on images due to the lack of exposure, but had a request for it from a Funhouse member. Considering that Christina never shows us anything, these images are probably worth while. This film was supposed to be a steamy love affair. I never sensed any passion at all. 

 For those who hesitate to suggest projects because I often trash films, don't hesitate. I appreciate every suggestion, and many have said that they enjoy my negative reviews more than my raves. This is another example of great suggestion, good project, terrible film

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