Kill Kill Faster Faster


by Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Movies don't get much darker than this story of a wife-killer who is paroled after seventeen years of prison because a hot-shot film producer pulls some strings for him. The movie mogul offers the convict an important job on the outside - creating a screenplay from the play he wrote about prison life.

Not a good idea.

Although "Joey One-Way" has a conscience and wants to become a better person, he seems to have violence, heroin addiction, and betrayal hard-wired into his DNA. Soon after his release he is having an affair with the wife of the man who vouched for him. Shortly thereafter he is shooting up some smack. He is obviously headed for a great tragedy of some kind, but the shocking nature of the denouement may shock and surprise even jaded viewers.

The film pulls few punches. There are explicit scenes portraying life in prison, including both forced and consensual sodomy. There are many explicit sex scenes between Joey One-Way and the producer's wife, although there is not as much female nudity as one might expect from all their steamy encounters. There are also hot sex scenes in flashbacks involving the young wife Joey killed so many years ago in a moment of uncontrolled passion caused by her infidelity.

Audiences may be extremely surprised to see that the complex lead role is essayed by Gil Bellows of "Ally Mcbeal," who normally plays likeable, intelligent, and sensitive characters in light dramas and dramedies. His portrayal of the parolee is not without sensitivity, but Joey is not a person you'd care to hang out with, and he has absolutely no moments of lightness. He carries the weight of his past transgressions with him at all times.

KKFF is a brutal, bleak film which won some film festival acclaim but has virtually no chance of a North American theatrical release because of a certain NC-17 rating. Even if it could be trimmed a bit for an R release, the size of the potential audience would be miniscule, despite the fact that it is a very effective and powerful film, sometimes even a poetic one, on its own ugly and uncompromising terms. It's a feel-bad movie for the "movies as art" crowd, and even many of them will find the film just too unpleasant in too many ways.

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  • Lisa Ray- exposes her butt and very quick flash of breasts.
  • Moneca Delain - shows her breasts clearly twice, and shows long distance full body from the side
  • Many background strippers show breasts
  • Gil Bellows and Shaun Parkes - buns


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