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Jungle Holocaust (1977), also known as Ultimo mondo cannibale, Cannibal, Carnivorous, The Last Cannibal World, and The Last Survivor, is Ruggero Deodato's "best" film on the subject. It is supposedly based on a true story of an oil exploration team that was captured by stone age tribesmen on Mindanao. Two escape, taking a female hostage (Me Me Lai) with them. You might remember Me Me from The Au Pair Girls last month.


Me Me Lai was naked throughout much of the movie
This is probably the Gone With The Wind of cannibal films, and includes several scenes of cannibalism, including a very graphic BBQ at the end of the film. Those with squeamish stomachs should avoid it.

The acting was strong, and the jungle setting was lush. There were also many shots of jungle critters, and the film managed some suspense. While cannibal films are not my favorite genre, this film was watchable, partly because of the Unrated Wide Screen transfer.

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Based on this description, this will appeal to horror and gore fans, but is probably a little too raw for mainstream tastes, so C+.

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